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Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte   2007 – 2009   Ph.D.           Civil Engineering
Dissertation: “Terrestrial LiDAR-based Bridge Evaluation”
Dalian University of Technology, China        2003 – 2006  M.S.  Engineering Mechanics
Thesis: “Reliability-based Frame Structure Topology Optimization under Dynamic Load”
Dalian University of Technology, China,  1999 – 2003 B.S.  Engineering Mechanics
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Transportation and Logistics:
Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China                        01/2010-present
Graduate Research Assistant, Civil & Environmental Engineering:
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC  08/2007 – 05/2010
Graduate Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Science:
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC  08/2006 – 05/2007
Graduate Research Assistant, Engineering Mechanics:
Dalian University of Technology, China                      09/2003 – 07/2006
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Engineering Mechanics:
Dalian University of Technology, China      03/2002 – 07/2003
Research Field :
Structural health monitoring, pavement mechanics and inspection, remote sensing, computational mechanics, design optimization
1.Project “IRSV System for Transportation Infrastructure Operations and Management” (07/2007-present)—Supported by US Department Of Transportation – Research and Innovative Technology Administration.
2.Consultant for Boyle Consulting Engineering: Use thermal camera to detect concrete void for a military building.
3.Assistant Instructor: CEGR 6090/INES 8090-Structural Health Monitoring, Fall 2009.
4.Reliability-based Topology Optimization of Truss Systems under Dynamic Loading (9/2003 - 07/2006).
5.Shakedown optimization of structure using genetic algorithm and the corresponding parallel algorithm (09/2002-07/2003)
Young Committee Member of Transportation Research Board (TRB) Bridge Management Committee
Member of International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
Member of Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM)
Member of Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Society
Reviewer of Journal of Transportation Research Record (TRR)
Reviewer of Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Reviewer of Forensic Engineering 2009 Conference
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6.  Jiefu Chen, Wanqiu Liu, Wanxie Zhong, ‘Precise time integral for the Bloch equations and its application to optimal design of radio frequency pulses’, Acta physica sinica, Vol. 55, no. 5, 2006. Refereed Conference Proceedings
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