TDM2013 Programme(pdf version)

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Programme:21 August

9:30–10:30 Plenary session Chair: Professor Hai-Jun Huang

1-TDM Strategies and Challenges in Developing Cities

Professor S.K. Jason Chang, National Taiwan University

10:55-13:00 Session A: Modeling Chair: Professor Suh-Wen Chiou

2-Managing travel demand by parking supply optimization

Xiaoning Zhang

3-An activity-based approach for optimization of land use and transportation development

Meng Xu, W.H.K. Lam and Ziyou Gao

4-Spatial and temporal analyses for estimation of day-to-day origin-destination demands over year

Hu Shao

5-Optimizing motorway traffic flow control in emergency

Jingyao Li

6-Investigating freeway traffic hypercongestion between an on-ramp and its immediate upstream off-ramp

Y.E. Ge and Chongfeng Xu

14:00–15:00 Plenary session Chair: Professor Hai Yang

7-Role of logistics in travel demand management

Professor Michael Bell, The University of Sydney

15:00-15:50 Session B: Travel Plan Chair: Professor S.K. Jason Chang

8-Travel plans: a critical comparison of the application of land use planning processes in England and Scotland Richard Llewellyn

R. Tricker and D. Paton

9-Evaluating staggered working hours policy in a multi-agent based q-learning model

Min Yang, D. Tang, W. Wang and H. Ding

16:15–17:55 Session C: Travel Behaviour Chair: Professor JingZhou

10-On how real time information can change the use of transit services

AchilleFonzone Jan-Dirk Schmöcker

11-Sustainability of voluntary travel behaviour change initiatives – a 5-year study Peter Stopher

C.Moutou and Wen Liu

12-Cycle lanes: their effect on driver passing distances in urban areas

Adrian McHale and Kathryn Stewart

13-The research on choice behavior of travel mode based on traffic demand characteristics under adverse weather

Xiqiao Zhang and Longhai Yang

Programme:22 August Workshop on Traffic Congestion Pricing

8:00–9:00 Plenary session Chair: Professor Michael Bell

14-Finding anonymous tolls to realize target flow pattern in networks with continuously distributed value of time

Professor Hai-Jun Huang,Beihang University

9:00–10:00 Workshop Session 1:Congestion Charging Chair: Professor MengXu

15-Pavement rehabitation scheduling and toll pricing under different regulatory regimes

Zhichun Li

16-Dynamic congestion charging: investigating boundary effects when applying low-revenue tolls

K. Stewart and Y.E. Ge

10:30–11:30 Plenary session Chair: Professor Peter Jones

17-Managing travel demand with tradable travel credits: some recent developments

Professor Hai Yang, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

11:30 – 12:30 Workshop Session 2: Congestion Charging Chair: Dr. Wei Xu

18-Congestion pricing policy-making based on public participation

Xiaowei Hu and Jian Wang

19-The morning commute under flat toll and tactical waiting

Feng Xiao

14:00–15:00 Plenary session Chair: Dr. Kathryn Stewart

20-Dynamic congestion pricing under uncertainties: a review

Professor Ying-En Ge, Dalian University of Technology

15:00–16:30 Workshop Session 3: Congestion Charging Chair: Professor Feng Xiao

21-Reformulation of the optimal cordon design problem and a dual based heuristic algorithm

Lihui Zhang

22-Reliability-based stochastic system optimum congestion pricing model under endogenous equilibrated market penetration and compliance rate of ATIS

Shaopeng Zhong

23-Optimizing bus fare considering transfer

Y.E. Ge and Bingzheng Liu

Programme:23 August

8:00–9:00 Plenary session Chair: Professor Peter Stopher

24-Integrating TDM strategies within a wider policy framework to influence long-term car traffic growth trajectories

Professor Peter Jones, University College London

9:00–10:15 Session D: Transport Policy Chair: Dr. Suwei Feng

25-Travel Behaviour in Tabuk: Findings and Implications

Attiyah M. Al-Atawi and Wafaa Saleh

26-Could green taxation measures help incentivise future Chinese car drivers to purchase low emission vehicles?

M. Carreno, Y.E. Ge and S.Borthwick

27-Does increasing private car license plates stabilize the Shanghai auction market?

Suwei Feng and Qiang Li

10:40–11:40 Plenary session Chair: Professor Wafaa Saleh

28-Travel demand management: a 33-year retrospective

Professor Peter Stopher, The University of Sydney

11:40–12:55 Session E: Uncertainty Chair: Professor Hu Shao

29-A bilevel programming approach for robust travel demand management under uncertainty

Suh-Wen Chiou

30-An evaluation method for the connectivity reliability based on the transportation network of critical links

H. Ma and Xizhao Zhou

31-Marine roadbed stochastic spectral theory under bidirectional exciting traffic loading condition

Luping Zhi, Y. Wang and Xizhao Zhou

14:00–15:00 Plenary session Chair: Professor Attiyah M. Al-Atawi

32-TDM and sustainability: international experiences

Professor Wafaa Saleh, Edinburgh Napier University

15:00–16:15 Session F: Public Transit Chair: Professor Zhichun Li

33-Increasing car owners'bus use: a case study in Jinan

Zhihu Zhang, H. Guan, H. Qin and Y. Xue

34-The provision of transport for the night time economy in the UK as a TDM tool

Moira Weir

35-Optimizing limited-stop bus services with fare collection modes and trip purposes

Y.E. Ge and Chunyan Tang

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