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-News & Notice-
   哈尔滨工业大学要甲副教授来我校进行学术交流 [2017-03-23]
   海天学者安藤良辅教授来我校进行学术交流 [2017-03-23]
   悉尼科技大学曲小波副教授来我校进行学术交流活动 [2017-01-05]
   日本神户大学三古展弘副教授来我校进行学术交流活动 [2016-11-30]
   交通运输学院与青岛海信网络科技股份有限公司合作建立实践教学基地 [2016-11-23]
-Researches Organ-
  ·Institute of Pavement Engineering
  ·Institute of Transportation Planning
  ·Institute of ITS
  ·Institute of Logistics
School of Transportation and Logistics

  The School of Transportation and Logistics in the Dalian University of Technology was originated from the Department of Transportation Engineering (established in 2006) in the School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering and the Institute of International Shipping Center (established in ....   [More]

Professor & Doctoral Supervisor
Zhao,Shengchuan Chen,Jingyun Pan,Baofeng Zhong,Yang
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