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  Present Post:
Assistant Professor, Nov 2010 – present, School of Transportation & Logistics, Dalian University of Technology

2008—2010    Joint PhD    Urban Planning    Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2007—2010    Doctor    Transportation
Planning    Transportation College of Southeast Univ.
2005-2007    Master    Transportation
Planning     Transportation College of Southeast Univ.
2001-2005    Bachelor    Traffic Engineering    Harbin Institute of Technology
Research Field :
  Dr. Zhong’s research focuses on the relationship between land use and transportation, urban transportation planning and management, transportation network analysis, and traffic congestion pricing. Dr. Zhong teaches courses on travel behavior analysis, urban & regional planning.
  Selected Recent and Ongoing Research Projects:
Modeling impacts of adverse weather conditions on a road network with endogenous equilibrated market penetration and compliance rate of ATIS. The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. DUT10RC(3)112) Principal 2010~
Advanced Modeling System for Assessing Long-Term Regional Development Patterns, Travel Behavior, Emissions, and Air Quality. The project was primarily funded with a Science to Achieve Results grant (STAR #R831835) provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Main researcher 2008~2010
Research on the transportation Infrastructure Network of the economic circle in China. The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) (No. 2007AA11Z202) Main researcher 2007~2010
Evaluation of Urban road capacity and transport systems. The National Key Technology R&D Program of China during the 11th Five-Year Plan Period (No.2006BAJ18B03) Main researcher 2006~2010
Dynamic Congestion Pricing Model for Multi-Class and Multi-Modes Systems in Urban Transportation Networks.  University Scientific Research Innovation Plan Project (USRIPP) of Jiangsu Province in September (No. CX07B_160z). Principal 2007~2009
The Evaluation Approach and Practice of sustainable urban planning and development—A Case study in Shenzhen Main researcher 2008~2010
Feasibility Study Report of Integrated Transport Hub of Lvshun New Port (on Yangtou Bay) Main planner 2011~
Yinchuan City Public Transportation Planning Main planner 2005~2009
Shenyang City Comprehensive Transportation Strategy Planning Main planner 2005~2007
Shihezi City Comprehensive Transportation Planning Main planner 2005~2009
Selected publications

[1] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. Time varying congestion pricing for multi-class and multi-mode transportation system with asymmetric cost functions. Journal of Southeast University ( English Edition), 2011, 27(1): 77-82. (in English)
[2] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. Dynamic Congestion Pricing for Multi-Class and Multi-Modes Transportation Systems with Asymmetric Cost Functions. TRB 88th Annual Meeting. Washington DC: T RB, 2009: 1-17. (in English)
[3] Deng Wei, Zhong Shaopeng. Dynamic Congestion Pricing for Multi-Class, Multi-Modes and Multi-Criteria Transportation Systems, 10th International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation, 2008 Athens, Greece. (in English)
[4] Hadden-Loh T., Song Y, et al. Scenario Planning for a Large Region Using an Integrated Land Use/Transport Model, American Collegiate Schools of Planning’s 50th anniversary meeting, 2009 Virginia, USA. (in English)
[5] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. Path travel time reliability-based stochastic system optimum congestion pricing model. Systems Engineering—Theory & Practice, 2010, 30(12): 2297-2308. (in Chinese)
[6] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. Optimum congestion pricing model of stochastic system with multiple user classes. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 2010, 10(6): 94-101. (in Chinese)
[7] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. The study of dynamic traffic congestion pricing model for multi-class and multi-mode systems. Journal of Southeast University, 2008, 38(5): 866-872. (in Chinese)
[8] Yang Longhai, Li lilan, Zhong Shaopeng. Research on the location of bus stops upstream the approach at signalized intersections. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2007, 39(2): 292-296. (in Chinese)
[9] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. Grey forecast for traffic conflicts. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Transportation Professional,2006, 7. (in Chinese)
[10] Zhong Shaopeng, Deng Wei. A stochastic system optimum congestion pricing model under endogenous equilibrated market penetration and compliance rate of ATIS. Systems Engineering—Theory & Practice. (in press) (in Chinese)
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